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Fred and Sherry Linders have been working with glass since 1999. They started in stained glass when they moved into a new house and wanted to add stained glass windows. Then in January of 2008, they signed up for a beginning bead making class at Glasshopper Studio. Sherry was buying strands of beads and making necklaces so it seemed like a good idea for her to learn how to make her own beads. It turns out that Sherry wasn’t really into the flaming torch and the molten glass, but Fred was hooked. Fred went from the basic beads, to off mandrel pendants and then to marbles. Fred’s marbles are solid glass, most take about an hour and a half to create using a dual fuel torch and glass rods. All marbles and pendants are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

We’re located in

Saint Charles, Missouri  USA
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